Club Administration

Resources from Local and National Sporting Organisations

There are 3 Organisations that can provide help to your club for such things as job descriptions, governance, constitutions, code of conducts, licensing, marketing, working with parents, working with volunteers among many other things. They are Bowls NZ, Sport NZ (SPARC) and Sport Manawatu.

Bowls NZ have a wide variety of resources: Check out what they have for your club here:

Bowls NZ Club Plan
Bowls NZ
Sport NZ is now the organisation formerly known as SPARC. Sport NZ’s vision for New Zealand is ” Everyone. Every day. Enjoying and excelling through sport and recreation.” To realise this vision Sport NZ’s mission is to create a sport and recreation environment where there are: more kids in sport and recreation; more adults in sport and recreation; more New Zealand winners on the world stage. They have a wide variety of documents and templates that your club could use. Check their resources here:

Sport Manawatu are our local sporting body. They help develop the capability of local coaches and clubs, encourage sport in schools, promote active transport, run community events, attract significant sports events to the area and much more. They run a variety of local awards including the Manawatu Club of the Year Awards, and Manawatu Sportsperson of the Year. They can help with promotion of your sport, and also have resources available. Their list of resources are available here:

Sport Manawatu