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Have A Go DayFirst started in 2009, the National Have a Go at Lawn Bowls Day is all about getting people into our clubs to give lawn bowls a go! From school children to retirees, lawn bowls is a sport which everyone can play and we want to share this special game with our communities.

Have a Go Day’s are a great opportunity for you to showcase your club to the community and attract social and casual members, corporate events and even full members!

1. Give them a great experience at your club – create a fun and relaxed environment
2. Collect their contact details
3. Invite them back to your club with appropriate offer(s) so that you can earn revenue for your club. What
does your club offer? Have you got the right offers?

“Some ideas for a successful Have A Go Day.

Look at running at least 2-3 Have A Go Days throughout summer (not much point at the end of the
season though because there isn’t much on offer in regards to playing bowls – we suggest you have
them at the start and through to the middle of summer)

Hire the local school band to provide some entertainment – you could give them a donation as payment

Hold your Have A Go days on Sunday afternoons eg. Sunday 1-4pm or 2-5pm – it won’t clash with any
Saturday sports commitments and is generally a time that people will undertake leisure/family activities

If your club is available to hire for Christmas Staff Parties – let them know what you provide and your fees.
What does it cost to be a member at your club? what benefits will they get? Let them know what you provide
and your fees. Is your club available to hire for weddings, corporate team building events, stag/hen parties, birthday parties etc? Let them know what you provide and your fees. Are you running a Mates-In-Bowls League? You can hand out your stamped postcards referring them to the MIB website . . .

Have the bar open but make sure all your guests are signed in by a club member

Have a free sausage sizzle . . . ask your local butcher to donate the sausages

Offer free tea & coffee, maybe some home-made baking e.g. scones, cakes

Play fun games e.g. spider.

Play “target” bowls. Place 2m x 2m scrims at the end of the rinks (or mark out an area with old CDs/disks). Have teams of 4 competing against each other (give them 4 bowls each) with the objective to win being the first team to get all their bowls onto the scrim. Give away fun prizes e.g. chocolate fish. This should take around 20 minutes which means you can give lots of people the chance to try out bowls in a fun/fast format.

Have coaches on hand who can give friendly advice/guidance when needed – don’t overload the players with too much information though


For more check out Bowls NZ: Have A Go Guide

To sign your club up for Have A Go Day contact us or Paul Cavanagh our Community Development Officer.