Christmas Bowls

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Looking for somewhere to hold your Christmas function why not try a bowls club? Set in beautiful locations with great facilities and access to a bowling green where you can ‘have a roll up’ a bowling club will give you a unique not to be forgotten Christmas function.

Bowling Clubs  are generally good venues for your Christmas Function, Birthday or other Celebration. They generally have clubrooms with good kitchen and bar facilities and are generally flexible with catering. They can cater for a large number of guests and are generally cheaper to hire and have better bar prices than other Function Venues.

There are 16 clubs in Manawatu. Most are available to cater for your Christmas Function. If you are interested, let us know your local club and what you had in mind. We will get in touch with the club directly. Or check out our list of local bowling clubs

You can email Bowls Manawatu at: , or fill out the form below.


Bowls has something unique which no-one else can offer, and if you’re not using your club why not rent it out to someone else? It is a great way to generate income for your club, especially during this expensive time of year. Christmas Bowls also helps to raise the profile of both your club and the sport of lawn bowls. It gets people involved, talking and participating in lawn bowls, which is good for everyone!

Christmas Bowls may be just what some people need to get a taste for bowls and want to take part in more. Make sure that you gather the attendees contact details so that you can tell them what your club offers, Have a Go Days and Mates In Bowls are perfect opportunities to draw these people back into your club.


The PURPOSE of offering CHRISTMAS BOWLS is to raise CASH-FLOW for your club and to give people the opportunity to trial the sport of bowls in a fun and relaxed environment.

Organisations willingly invest money each year into their staff Christmas Functions.  Bowls is a perfect option as it is affordable (especially in light of the economic climate), a lot of fun, we have clubs nationwide and all the staff can play regardless of their age, gender and athletic ability.

The KEY to a successful CHRISTMAS BOWLS event is to:
1. Give them a great experience at your club – create a fun and relaxed environment
2. Collect the organiser’s contact details so that you can invite them back next year
3. Invite them back to your club with appropriate offer(s) so that you can earn more revenue for your club. What does your club offer? Have you got the right offers?


• Work out the hours when your club is available for ‘hire’. Keep a booking calendar.

• Work out who will be the main person to contact for bookings at your club – make sure they are contactable with mobile number, email address, phone number and have an answer phone set up at your club so that people can leave messages.

• Work out your fees. Remember don’t try to undercut your neighbouring bowling clubs! And don’t sell yourself too cheaply. There is plenty of opportunity out there. You can consider charging by the hour e.g. $100/hour or by person $10/person which includes green hire and the bowls. Or you could charge a green fee plus a per person charge e.g. $250 green fee (which covers use of the green) and $10/player (which covers the use of the bowls, mats and jacks, introductory lesson). Charge for the use of your BBQs – e.g. $25-$30 per BBQ. Will you require a deposit or payment up-front with the bar-tab to be settled on the day? Will you charge a cancellation fee?

• Make sure you get a SPECIAL LICENSE to allow you to have your bar open. This will cost $63 including GST – you can pass this cost on to your client. You will need to check with your District Licensing Agency as to whether your Special License can cover multiple events.

• Check with your client to see if they have any additional stock requirements in regards to the bar.

• Have a friendly coach on hand who can give all the guests a quick introduction on how to play bowls – remember not to overload the guests with too much technical information

• If you do not have the resource to provide good quality catering, arrange for a credible caterer in your area to provide all the catering for your Christmas Bowls functions and negotiate a commission from the caterer (so that the club gets some return on this).

• Seek advice from the successful clubs who already run Christmas Bowls events to see what to do, or get in contact with your local Community Development Officer